Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ayurvedic Treatment

In the Ayurvedic viewpoint, successful medical treatment depends on four factors: the physician, the drug or diets, nurse and patient. Samhitas described these four factors. These four factors are the main mechanisms of Ayurveda.

The first task that an ayurvedic doctor has in nursing an individual back to complete health is to determine his or her psycho physiological body type. The doctor then orders a treatment plan for the patient that works only for his unique body type. The treatment plan may include dietary changes, exercise, yoga, meditation, massage, herbal tonics, herbal sweat baths, medicated enemas, and medicated inhalations. In trying to determine the right diet for the patient, the doctor is fully aware that foods are classified according to their effects on the specific body types. The patient’s diet is tailored to his or her body type and individual imbalances among the vata, pitta, and kapha within him or her. The major ayurvedic treatment for a multitude of physical and mental conditions is a herbal mixture concocted by the doctor. In addition to this herbal mixture, the doctor must get the patient in tune with his or her environment. He does this by asking the patient to follow daily and seasonal routines that will help the patient integrate with the biological rhythms of nature.

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